Brother Pro Tape STe-141 Stencil tape - 18mm
Brother Pro Tape STe-141 Stencil tape - 18mm
Brother Pro Tape STe-141 Stencil tape - 18mm

Brother Pro Tape STe-141 Stencil tape - 18mm

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The STe-141 stencil tape is a non-adhesive tape used as a mask to permanently mark (etch) conductive surfaces using electrolytic marking chemicals and equipment, or to mark (etch) glass using a glass etching paste. This tape enables you to quickly create stencils in a variety of lengths so you can add individual SKU numbers, part numbers or logos to ensure everything stays permanently marked. Compatible with P-touch label printers that show the TZ or TZe logo on the tape cassette cover.

Pro Tape TZe tape cassettes are quick and easy to install and come in various label widths, colours and materials. So, no matter what the job, Pro Tapes can provide you with crisp, sharp and easily readable labels to get the job done.

  • 18mm wide
  • For electrochemical etching/marking
  • Use on metallic and glass surfaces
  • Requires electrochemical etching equipment

When printed small holes are made in the tape that allows the etching chemical to permeate through the tape. When an etching pad is placed over the tape and pushed onto the metallic item, an electrical circuit is completed. The metal then discolours and is permanently marked with serial numbers or other required information.

  • Use on metallic and glass surfaces
  • Permanent part marking
  • Product marking and customisation

Brother P-touch Pro Tapes are built with tough and durable professional grade materials and adhesives. Developed to meet the needs of tradespeople and other professionals looking for reliable long-term identification that withstands the test of time.

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