HSe Heat Shrink Tubing

Leverage heat shrink tubing for clear, legible cable marking. Wrapping a label over a connector is necessary for your work. What’s not necessary is ending up with sticky hands, a mess to clean up, and unreadable labels. Instead, rely on Brother HSe heat shrink tape. It's designed with the workflow of datacom heat shrink labeling and electrical shrink tubing in mind.

  • Simple - Just print directly on the heat shrink tape with a heat shrink label maker.
  • Mobile - Choose from a variety of compatible rugged mobile label makers for heat shrink to print right on-site.
  • Clean - A 3:1 tube-to-cable ratio makes it easy to slide your heat shrink label right over the connector.
  • Durable - Tubing that can withstand temperatures up to 257°, voltage up to 300-600 volts, and meet UL224 standards.
  • Perfect fit - Once heat is applied, the heat shrink tape shrinks to a snug fit.
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