Say Goodbye to Wasted Label Sheets and Hello to Efficiency with the Brother QL-1100c Printer!

Introducing the Brother QL-1100c PC-Connectable shipping and barcode label printer - the ultimate solution to all your labeling needs! This high-speed label printer is designed to print up to 4-inch wide labels, making it ideal for creating cost-effective paper adhesive labels for packages, envelopes, postage, and more.

One of the standout features of the Brother QL-1100c is its compatibility with third-party shipping label software packages from couriers and parcel delivery companies. This means that you can use your preferred software to create your labels and then print them directly from the QL-1100c, saving you time and effort.

For sellers who use the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) service, the “crop-print” feature is a game-changer. This feature enables you to print multiple barcode labels contained in the PDF generated by your Fulfilled by Amazon account. The driver detects, extracts and prints each individual label to the QL-1100c automatically, making it easy to mark up your items to be shipped to Amazon.

The Brother QL-1100c delivers fast print speeds of up to 69 standard address labels per minute with black text at 300dpi. The auto cutter allows for printing one or multiple labels at a time, eliminating wasted label sheets. Plus, the free P-touch Editor software is included, allowing you to easily design your own labels and customize them to your specific needs.

Installing Brother DK labels is a breeze with the QL-1100c, thanks to the special roll guide that ensures each label is printed straight. The printer is also intuitive and recognizes the size of the label installed, displaying this on P-touch Editor to ensure that any label prints exactly as expected.

In summary, the Brother QL-1100c PC-Connectable shipping and barcode label printer is an exceptional addition to any home office or small business. Its compatibility with third-party shipping label software packages and Fulfilled by Amazon service makes it a must-have for online sellers. The fast print speeds, auto cutter, and P-touch Editor software ensure that your labeling needs are met quickly and efficiently. Try it out today and see the difference it can make to your business!